I’m Laura Townes,¬†spiritual mentor and life coach for people who are ready to get real and heal.

I am your guide to a life with the freedom, income, and impact you want.

My purpose is to be an example of what life can look like when you get right with who you truly are.

When you learn that alignment with the Divine, your Divine,

is the pathway to the life you truly want.

When you learn how to live with a fearlessly open heart.

What happens then?

Life. Love. Money. And the end of Suffering.

I’m not going to lie to you: getting right with who you are is the first thing that must happen, and the most harrowing challenge. It’s an undoing in order to find out who you truly are.

And who are you? A Child of God. Not separate. Never abandoned.

And once you know that ~ really know that ~ everything flows.

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