That Thing You Don’t Want to Do.

That thing you don’t want to do? Do it. Because there is a secret hidden in there. I’ve just returned from a four-day retreat. Really, it was a training, but because it was...

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Leaving the Safety of the Walled City

Last week, I was telling my husband how I feel like I am out in the desert at night, alone. It’s cold and dark. Behind me in the distance is the walled city, closed up for...

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The Power of Vulnerability

We don’t often think of vulnerability as being a powerful experience, that is to say, one in which we feel powerful. Both in definition and in experience, these are opposing...

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Choosing Sobriety

First published on Medium.  I really didn’t want to choose to get sober. Really. I loved the enjoyment of classy things, like bourbon and good wine. I liked the fun of a...

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The Pain that Wants to Kill Us

  First published in Thrive Global. It’s been hot recently. After a cold, rainy start to June, summer finally burst onto the scene here in New England. I spent the...

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The Wisdom of Falling Apart

 A week ago, I was sitting in Portland, Oregon, taking in the details of an eagerly-anticipated job offer. This wasn’t just any job. It was one in which my whole body...

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