Leaving the Safety of the Walled City

Last week, I was telling my husband how I feel like I am out in the desert at night, alone. It’s cold and dark. Behind me in the distance is the walled city, closed up for...

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The Power of Vulnerability

We don’t often think of vulnerability as being a powerful experience, that is to say, one in which we feel powerful. Both in definition and in experience, these are opposing...

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The Wisdom of Falling Apart

 A week ago, I was sitting in Portland, Oregon, taking in the details of an eagerly-anticipated job offer. This wasn’t just any job. It was one in which my whole body...

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Healing When We Stop Trying to Heal

The most radical healing came when I let go of trying to heal. Even now, writing those words on paper, I feel the spaciousness of that truth. It was such a subtle shift, but...

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Do Not Turn Away

Do not turn your face from God. Do not turn your face from the divinity that you are. You are not separate. You have never been anything other than divine. Why do you hide...

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