Healing When We Stop Trying to Heal

The most radical healing came when I let go of trying to heal. Even now, writing those words on paper, I feel the spaciousness of that truth. It was such a subtle shift, but...

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The End of Suffering

It is possible to live a life without suffering. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that. I imagine you’d be surprised too, if the suffering you took to be just a given,...

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Do Not Turn Away

Do not turn your face from God. Do not turn your face from the divinity that you are. You are not separate. You have never been anything other than divine. Why do you hide...

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Choosing Expansion

Expansion is a constant choosing. As humans, we are always coming up against limitations. These are internal areas that we haven’t yet mined or explored. We may find those...

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The Myth of Effort

We are sold a terrible lie in this world. We are taught from a young age to effort. To push through any resistance we have, to suck it up, to do it anyhow. We are taught to...

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Resources (Start)

Choosing expansion can be a challenge to the system. By definition, when we expand, we are growing beyond what we already are, and what we already know. Our identity — some...

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