Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh

You may not think of self-employment as the same as having a full-time job.

After all, a full-time job is something you do for someone else. Something where you trade your time for money. Something with a boss who dictates when and how you work. Something to endure until you can go home. A 9-to-5, or a 7-to-7. Maybe it’s a J-O-B — “just over broke”.

I’m going to ask you to shift perspectives for a moment.

Our full-time job is what we determine to be our primary occupation. And our primary occupation is not the same as where we go to work.

It’s what we are doing all the time. It’s our main purpose, our main mission, for the current period in our life.

It’s what we seek to learn, what we seek to create.

It’s who we seek to be.

It’s what we do at work, and what we do at home. It’s what we bring to our employer, whether that is someone else or ourselves.

Our full-time job is the work we are doing in the world. The work we are doing on ourselves. It is how we are creating value.

Right now, my full-time job is to create and deliver value by getting better at my mind.

The work I have done on my mind already is what makes me a good coach. It’s how I help others with their minds, so you can grow into who you want to be. I’ve done the work, and I can coach you through to a new place, if that’s what you want.

But I am constantly asking myself to up my game. To raise my standards for myself, and to meet them. I ask myself to perform at a higher level, and to serve at a higher level, and to earn at a higher level.

Because I know there is a direct correlation between the work I do on my mind, the value I create, and my power to earn. The more I push myself to operate at the highest level in all of my work, the clearer my mind and value becomes, and the more I am able to earn.

This is significant because earning — money — was THE black hole of my entire life. Period. It was the last domino to fall, the area that required the most work on my mind, before I could break through to a new level. I mastered my mind in every other way, but there was one more level to go. And it was the most difficult one for me, the Black Diamond slope of my mental mountain.

I could have stopped where I was. I could have stayed at my second-highest level for the rest of my life.

But that was not acceptable. I knew that the value I could deliver to the world was entirely dependent on my mastering my mind at this level. On becoming the best version of myself that I could be.

So that became my full-time job.

Raising my standards for my mind — making that my full-time job — has been the game-changer for me at every turn.

It’s what has allowed me to take risks that led to big growth. It’s what led me to become a coach, what told me I could serve others powerfully in their evolution.

And experiencing the freedom that comes from breaking through these limits to master my mind at these ever-expanding levels is what drives me forward, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

By doing this, I am delivering value: to my clients from all areas of my businesses, to my future clients who will work with me, and to anyone who interacts with me. The value of being a model for others of what’s possible for themselves is truly limitless.

Being our best selves has an infinite ripple effect. It calls others forward, lifts others up into their own potential. It shows them that it’s possible and worth the inner work.

And it allows us to be the full potential that we actually are, not some shallow, incomplete version of it.

We all have greater potential than we are using. We tap into it when we master our minds in service to the value we want to create. To who we want to be.

XO, L.