And Congratulations.

You have taken the first step in creating the life you want.


What called you forth to take this step is LIFE. Life inherently wants to LIVE. It wants to expand. It seeks more living, more being of itself.

You are hearing this call. And, it’s likely that this call comes with fear.  Anxiety. Resistance. Because as Life wants to expand you, expand IN you and THROUGH you, there is both the pull and desire to say YES, and the doubts or worries or fears about what that means. Whether you can. How you will.

Life is pulling you, inviting you, and you want to say YES. You just don’t know how.


That is our work together.

Over our time together, we will go deeply into what you most want; identify the thoughts, beliefs, and other forces that keep you separate from what you want; and then unwind these as we map the course to your new life + business. A life + business that is more truly YOU.

We will take our time with the process. My job is to listen and guide according to my intuition, knowing, and experience. My program is not a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all program; each program is tailored to the client. In addition to my own experience of powerfully transforming my life, I bring my success + performance coaching, life coaching, training in consciousness, energy medicine, chaplaincy, personal development, Reiki, and more to our work together — beginning with the first contact. {Our work has already begun!}

The result for my clients?

High-level mastery of their lives. The ability to create what they want for themselves, in any area: work, money, love, health, and more.

You will be empowered…no longer powerless. You will be focused, not unclear. You will feel energized, not depressed. You will feel limitless, not small.

You will be creating. You will no longer be enduring.

I am so looking forward to our work together. To giving you the keys to YOUR life.

So that I may have a little more information before we begin, please take some time to fill out this intake form. Please use as much space as you need, and please be completely honest. There is no right or wrong answer; there is YOU, as you are now. Our work begins here.

With all of my love,



PS: All information you give on this form remains completely confidential. Only I or a member of my team will have access to it. Please be as honest as you can, so that we can truly “start where you are.” xo

START HERE: Complete this Form, then Use the Link at the End to Schedule Your Clarity Session

Create the Life You Want is aimed at identifying what you want, and the blocks that are holding you back. There will be times when it may be uncomfortable or painful to go into the growth edge. I will be with you every step of the way, but ultimately you must be willing to walk through the discomfort if and when it arises. Are you willing to do that?

Create the Life You Want has the power to transform your life! But clearly, this will be new for you, or you wouldn't need me or this program. 😉 Your brilliant mind will want to keep you safe, and will come up with resistance at times. My job will be to gently point that out and help you to acknowledge and move through it. Are you willing to be coached through this?

The ultimate goal of this program is to transform your life. Not into anything I want, but into what YOU want. But even when we think we want to change, it can be hard. Are you ready to enter into this process of self-discovery, knowing that it may be hard, with faith that what you want is on the other side of that?

Are you ready to invest in your personal development, growth, and expansion at this time?

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